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About Yourviews

What is it?

Yourviews is a way to rate businesses (and organisations) within a category. You have the ability to vote up and add comments on your favourite businesses. Yourviews also allows for the contact details of the business to be available to you.

How does it help me?

This website aims to maintain local knowledge of the community. When moving to a different city it's the last thing you think of, which business are the best, which trade services are trustworthy but Yourviews allows the public to share their experiences & pass on recommendations, for instance who is the best mechanic to take your car to.

So I've got this idea..

If you have an idea or feature you think would be a great addition to Yourviews or have experienced a bug feel free to contact us.
Yourviews was designed & developed by Jamie & Andrew.


Yourviews is open to the general public to add, rate & review or comment on listed content, Yourviews is not to be held accountable or responsible for comments made by users, if a review/comment is deemed or flagged as inappropriate, abusive, vulgar, or threatening then that content may be moderated & users removed.

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